Back in New Zealand!

IMG_1771Hello beautiful Mt. Taranaki.

First off, my travelling experience was as unenjoyable as I expected – I used to love flying, but something changed as I got older, and along with the fear that the plane will drop out of the sky any moment, are all these physical issues that never used to bother me. Dehydration, headaches, generally feeling nauseous.. I get all these things and don’t possess the enviable ability to sleep in a cramped economy seat the way the lanky footballers in front of me somehow did. Kiwi blokes are a special breed, I’ll give them that.

After managing to lose (and find) both my phone and my laptop during my journey, I arrived back in New Plymouth last Thursday afternoon. I thought there would be some small transition period or that things would be a bit weird for a while, but aside from marvelling at all the different kinds of people on my walk between terminals in Auckland, I’m used to it again. I’m almost disappointed at how normal everything seems! I’ve already embarked on a healthy lifestyle mission and I’m attempting to eat less, healthier and exercise every day. I packed on some weight eating rice and riding the subway in Korea, so I plan to get into some healthy habits while I’m home and to continue these once I’m back.

I’m in New Zealand for a month and in that time I will be attending a childhood friend’s wedding (the first of my friends to get married!!), going on a few hikes up the mountain (pictured above – got to love living next door to that), meeting up with all my mates in Auckland for a bit and stocking up on everything I want to take back to Korea. I made a list of what I was missing before I came and a few key items are: Weetbix, Marmite, peanut butter, Milo and toothpaste. If you’re from NZ or Aussie I think you’ll understand a few of those haha. I also have a second even more important list – the things to eat while I am here that I can’t take back with me! Number one is definitely pies.

SONY DSCI honestly believe New Zealand has the best meat pies in the world.

Even though I’m trying to be healthy now I’m still planning on getting a few pies in, along with some excellent bacon and eggs (I also know a place that makes a mean bacon and egg pie). Every weekend I’m washing down dinner with a glass of NZ wine, so I feel like I’m doing my best without going too crazy.

While I’m back and relaxed I’ll do my best to post more about what I was doing my last month in Korea. I met a whole new bunch of friends, and I’ve been having a lot of fun since I quit my job! 🙂 Also expect photos of and posts about New Zealand! I don’t know what other people find interesting about my own country, so if there’s something you really want to see or find out about, please let me know in the comments and give me some ideas haha :p (Also, I did end up going to the Jinhae blossom festival! So I will put up some photos and a little blog about that soon too).

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  1. BAP Blog says:

    I like that you have pride for the home, enjoying meat pies, but seek international adventures! I need to do that more.

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