Wedding time! (and musings)

On Saturday the 25th April (which also happens to be ANZAC day here in NZ), one of my oldest friends got married. It was extra special because she’s the first of my friends to get married, and my first wedding attended an adult! This was also a big factor in my deciding to come back to New Zealand for a holiday instead of getting a job like a responsible person – so I have been looking forward to it for some time now.

My parents were also invited to the wedding and on Friday we drove up from New Plymouth to where we were staying in Waihi, a small place about 50 minutes drive out of Tauranga (where the wedding was actually taking place).

tp_IMG_2205A bit of New Zealand scenery along the way

Waihi is a small gold-mining town (around 4500 people) which is really popular in summer because of it’s beaches. I’d never been here before, but my parents had and knew of a nice house to stay in the middle of the town.

Saturday was the day of the wedding! The wedding itself took place in a lovely little chapel that they had extended onto the grass with tents and extra chairs. Through the ceremony I thought I was the only one on the edge of tears, but when I spoke to my other friends later, it turns out I wasn’t the only one :p Until now I never understood why people cry at weddings, but now I get it – the whole thing was just so lovely and my friend looked so beautiful :’)

The wedding was followed up by an afternoon tea, and then we had a break before coming back for the reception. My friends (also old school friends) and I headed into Tauranga and got a welcome drink at a pub in town. Because of the wedding location being a Marine Reach training place for YWAM (Youth With A Mission) there was a blanket alcohol ban on the venue. As much as our friend tried to convince them otherwise, they weren’t allowed to serve alcohol at their wedding. However considering they were getting the venue free due to them being part of YWAM (they are both very strong Christians), they couldn’t really complain.

tp_IMG_2214 tp_IMG_2217
Awesome table settings my friend made herself – each table had a different quote about love from a famous author.

The reception was a buffet dinner and it was really good! I had expected the wedding to be pretty boring due to it being a very Christian wedding with a lot of talk about God and readings from the bible, however it was all kept rather concise and overall I actually had a very nice time. It was especially good to catch up with my (now married) friend, and my two other friends who were attending.

There was also a “polaroid guestbook” which I thought was a really cute idea.

tp_IMG_2219The “silly” photo in which I forgot to be silly and cutely pulled the victory sign (Korea is rubbing off on me) – unfortunately no polaroid with the bride!

There were of course many more photos, however until it’s my wedding (hahaha) I don’t think there will be any actual wedding photos on this blog.

That brings me to the other thing about weddings. Apparently they make me question everything about what I’m doing–or more, not doing–with my life.. As I mentioned, my friend is part of YWAM and a very strong Christian. If you don’t know what YWAM does, basically they are missionaries and for the Marine Reach part they go out on a boat to the islands (like Fiji for example) and help out poor communities with healthcare and other aid, while also spreading the Christian message. Being an agnostic this is obviously not where I am going to find my calling, however I long for the certainty in life that these people have. They know what path they are on and why, and if they ever falter they can look to God for guidance. I envy that, I truly do.

It also made my question my own relationship. Seeing her (now) husband look at her with such wonder and devotion made me think, would anyone ever look at me like that? Do I think Jun would ever look at me like that? He honestly looked like he could not believe that he had married this woman and she was now his wife. When he said he was the luckiest man in the world, he was completely sincere and I could see he really felt it. I just hope someday someone is going to think that about me too.

I think seeing your friends get married (especially the first one I suspect) really puts your life into harsh perspective. I hope I find more of what I’m looking for when I return to Korea, however I think I better understand now that it’s really all on me – I make my future (and I’m lucky enough to have this freedom), and if I don’t achieve the happiness I want then I will only have myself to blame.

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2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a really lovely wedding 🙂
    The first one on my vicinity to get married was my older sister and since then I think I have cried at every wedding (mine included ^^”) because it’s just all so romantic and so full of love that you seem to be able to physically feel it in the room.
    I never thought it possible but every time my husband looks at me like I’m the only person on the world my heart gets all warm and fuzzy.
    I hope that you will find someone looking at you like that because it’s the best feeling ever and everyone deserves to be “the one”.

    • Alice says:

      The older I get the more emotional I get, so I’m sure I’m going to be actually crying from now on haha :p You really can! I never love would be like that.
      Awww that’s so sweet :’) and thank you, I’m crossing my fingers on that one!

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