Doing my nails the gel way.

Gel nails are a revelation. I had suspected they were, but now I can say this with 100% certainty.

DIY gel nails recently become popular over here in Korea, and now every beauty store seems to have their own model of LED light and gel nail polish range. I know Etude House, Aritaum and The Face Shop definitely do anyway. For me, it all started back in June when my friend offered to do my nails with her gel nail kit from Etude House. For a while I had been admiring her nails, but I figured that gel polish surely wouldn’t be much better than normal nail polish for me.

You see a few years back I was really into doing my nails and bought all the best polishes, only to find out it made absolutely no difference to the polish actually staying on my nails. I could paint my nails in the morning and at least one would already be chipped by evening. So I gave up and resigned myself to never having pretty nails until the day I could justify going to a nail salon and getting fake ones. Which I figured probably wouldn’t be until I got married.

Then a year or so ago I started hearing about gel nails, but only in the context of far too expensive nail shops. However now LED cured gel nails–you could already use non-cured gel polish, but I have no experience with that–are something you can do yourself, in your home, at a reasonable price.

1 2
Left: My friend’s work, super cute, super impractical! Right: My first attempt, basic white with some cute couple stickers.

After my friend did my nails, I was hooked. They lasted a week before I began to lose decorations (well, after I glued the bows on again) and even after ten days the actual polish hadn’t even started coming off. Since then I have bought an LED lamp from Etude House and far more polishes than I have yet had a chance to use–but that’s because the nails last so long! So far they have never even chipped, only started to peel off usually some time into the second week. I’m also sure that as I get better at doing it, they’ll stay without peeling even longer. I don’t think my technique is anywhere near perfect. I’ve also been filing my nails a bit too much, so even though they are really long right now, the gel is the only thing holding them together haha. So I’m going to file them all down and start again without ruining them so much this time :p

3 4
Left: What I call my “beach nails” even though I didn’t go anywhere near a beach. Right: What I currently have, navy with waaaaay too much silver glitter. My favourite photo so far though!

Next I’m thinking some brighter colours with stickers. I’ve got some very cute stickers I haven’t used yet, and so many colours to choose from. There’s also a shop called Nail Mall in Seomyeon (pretty much downtown Busan) which has everything you could ever want for nail art. I bought my stickers there, and also some gems that I am yet to use. Maybe next time…polishes aug 10It’s only been like a month and half. I blame the 1+1 sales! This doesn’t include the top and base coats either.

Also I’m using Decopic to edit the photos if anyone was wondering! Extremely cute app for photos, and very easy to use ^.^ Find more of me messing around with Decopic on my Instagram xD

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  1. ginabear says:

    Your nails are absolutely adorbs! I want to do mine too! Can you post a blog with instructions on how you do yours? Thanks!

    • Alice says:

      Aw thank you :’) they’ve been a bit short lately due to some breakages (I think I let them get too long to be practical lol), but I have been slowly building them up again xD I can definitely do that, it would be fun! 🙂

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