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I have had trouble falling asleep for as long as I can remember. Lately due to some stresses about the direction my life is heading, and dissatisfaction and worries about my current situation, I have been finding it even harder to sleep. I found myself not drifting off until well after 3am and spending most of that time worrying about not sleeping along with everything else! I needed something to distract me, but reading was keeping me awake.

rVnEQJRl_400x400Enter this podcast! (from Itunes)

Recently, while browsing the podcast charts on my phone, I discovered Sleep With Me Podcast. The basic premise is the creator and voice of the podcast, “Scooter” (Drew Ackerman), tells a boring yet still somewhat interesting story and takes a very meandering approach to storytelling. He goes off on strange tangents, the stories usually don’t make sense and he uses a tone which is calm and lulling. The idea is that even if it doesn’t put you to sleep, it will at least help take your mind off your worries and give you something to listen to. Every episode starts with an introduction which usually also features a strange story or two, and then is followed up by the night’s actual episode.

The stories are based on a variety of things and are all part of a regular series on that topic or story. So far the one I have found most helpful is where he describes watching Metastasis (the Spanish version of Breaking Bad), followed by the same episode of Breaking Bad and then some Spanish language learning thrown in. He makes random observations about boring things like what the characters are drinking, or what they are wearing, all in an effort to distract you into sleep. Because I haven’t watched Breaking Bad I was initially worried about spoilers, but I found that come morning I couldn’t remember much, if anything, that had been said about the plot.

swp coversA selection of story covers – it’s quite a mix! (from Facebook)

I’ll admit that the first time I listened to it I wondered what on earth I had stumbled upon, seeing as it was already 3am and I had no context for what I was hearing. Also on first listen I didn’t find Scooter’s voice comforting or sleep-inducing at all. However it definitely grew on me, both the content and Scooter’s voice. I find some of what he says quite amusing and a few times when I haven’t fallen asleep, it’s still given me something to listen to which made me worry less about not sleeping.

To get you started, I would recommend listening to a Metastasis episode. I recently listened to episode #305 (Bobadas on Battery Glut), but really you can pick any of them. It’s hard to remember what happened come morning, so they have a good replay quality. After you’ve listened to a standard one, go and listen to #314 (Paris and Beruit this LaBeouf Story is for You). It’s an excerpt from a live stream Scooter did, and it’s a really weird story about Shia LaBeouf and his hooded jacket. The first two listens I fell asleep partway through, but the third time I couldn’t sleep and I actually heard the whole thing. It’s an odd one, and gives you an idea of how weird the stories can be! Also the repeat he has up of episode #176 (Cold War on Christmas) is pretty silly and amusing, and I really enjoyed it.

I should mention that Scooter also has another sleep podcast called Game of Drones, which I haven’t listened to yet. As you can imagine from the title, he analyses Game of Thrones in a boring and lulling way in order to help you fall asleep. It sounds like a win-win if you’re already a fan of the series, and I will try out it soon for sure!

I am definitely finding the podcast helpful, and more times than not Scooter lulls me into sleep with his strange tales. If you’re having trouble sleeping and want to take your mind off your mind (see what I did there), then look no further. It sounds weird (and it is!), but it’s also really good and worth a shot. I hope it works for you too!

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  1. Thankfully I dont have troubles falling asleep usually. In case I do I just read, sometimes for 1-3 hours and then I am suddenly gone 🙂

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