I moved to Seoul

After a false start and some indecision, I have actually moved to Seoul! I’d like to think this is my excuse for having a month long hiatus (a nice way of saying I’ve neglected my blog) but really I could have got a lot more done and a lot more written in that time. But oh well, moving on from now I’ll be picking up where I left off and seeing what Seoul has to offer.


After the initial excitement I’d had about maybe moving to Seoul died down, I found I didn’t really want to move to Seoul after all. I wanted to stay in Busan, a city I’ve come to love and see as a second home in the two years I’ve been here. This first week, whenever Busan has been mentioned within earshot I’ve been quick to jump in and tell people to visit. I’ll probably need to work on that, lest I end up shoving Busan down everyone’s throats at every opportunity. Last Friday I’d brought up Haman to the guy I’m working with and I was surprised to know he knew where it was! Turns out he’s from Jinju, which was cool to find out.

I won’t say too much about the job at this point, as it’s only been a week and I really don’t know how it’s going yet. It’s a full-time internship where I’m writing content for a website, but it’s not likely to lead to a full-time position due to the business’s current situation. However if all goes okay, I should be in Seoul for the next three months – and after that, who knows? I’m currently searching for jobs, but I would need a visa sponsor as my current one expires end of that month and it’s not very likely that that will happen for work in writing. Come December we shall see. It’s either worrying or exciting, so I’m trying to go with exciting. Ask me again in November!


Itaewon – source

So far I’ve been in Seoul a week, living in Itaewon and working in Seocho. Itaewon is such a contrast to what I’m used to in Busan, it’s surreal. So many different kinds of foreigners, lots of international food and the most people I’ve seen out on a Friday and Saturday night. From my limited experience going out in Itaewon on Friday night and Hongdae on Saturday night, I would say that so far Hongdae is much more my scene. I can see myself getting into the late night street performances on a regular basis for sure. Though I don’t think Itaewon would be my permanent choice for living here (previously I had always stayed in Hongdae), I can’t deny it’s very convenient. I’m four stops away on the bus from work, and about half an hour from anywhere else in the city I want to go.

It’s early days – there’s so much more to see and do! I’m going to try and make a mini Seoul to-do list (probably a free/almost free list), so I can get as much done here in three months in case I don’t get to come back. Meanwhile I intend to finish posting all my travel posts of the places I went with my parents, and finish up my other lifestyle posts. I’m also hoping to work on my Korean while I’m here, so hopefully updates on that too. If you have any thoughts on a good way to keep an online Korean study journal, let me know 😀

Have you been to Seoul? Any ideas for cool things for me to do in Seoul? Let me know here or on Facebook ^^ 


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